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Media & Entertainment

The Firm provides a full range of legal services in the Media and Entertainment field. Our M & E team is collaborative, possessing the requisite legal know-how and experience needed to guide our clients within the globally interwoven media and entertainment platforms of today. The M & E team prides itself on being prompt and responsive, with a proactive approach to aiding corporate and regulatory compliance for our clients, dealing with clients’ specific legal requirements and helping them to avoid pitfalls that are not easily discernible within this business terrain.

We handle a wide range of other legal issues for our clients bordering on tax, intellectual property protection, estate planning, contract negotiations, sponsorship, tours, agency, immigration, labour and employment and related matters. Due to the close inter woven relationship between the protection of intellectual property and media and entertainment in general, our M & E clients have the added advantage of the full support of the Firm’s Intellectual Property unit in the areas of trademark protection and registration, protection of copyright and copyright notifications, brand protection and licensing, in addition to the other services provided by the M & E team.

We often oversee the management of entertainment for clients this includes negotiations of endorsements and sponsorships, merchandising and licensing. We represent a diverse group of clients which include media outlets, studios, creative and performing artists, filmmakers, distributors, and innovators of online entertainment services. In the Media sector, our clients include publishers, broadcasters, content providers, technology companies, communications companies, special purpose projects, financiers as well as investors in the sector.

Some of our recent work has included rendering opinions on the imposition of excessive entertainment taxes on a client’s cinema outlets in Lagos and the provision of legal advisory services to a local entertainment and multimedia conglomerate in relation to a proposed partnership with a top South African outdoor advertising brand. Our client’s intention was to merge its radio, television, film distribution and cinema businesses with the South African Company’s outdoor business. We are currently external solicitors to an international broadcast communications company that has acquired an international cable news licence to transmit news and events globally. We recently provided legal advice in relation to the provision of content and programming on behalf of a media outlet in Nigeria relating to two frequencies in two major cities in Nigeria, Abuja and Lagos. The two parties agreed to an “all content and programming exclusive transmission arrangement” whereby the transmission and engineering facilities relating to the frequencies in Abuja and Lagos were to be managed by one party in the name of the other under the Frequency licence granted by the broadcasting regulator [NBC]. The parties were desirous of entering into a legally binding relationship in connection with this transaction and we were required to prepare a Content Carriage & Programming Agreement.

The Team also advises major international gaming and sport betting companies on various regulatory and licensing and tax regulations in Nigeria covering the State and National Laws of the Federation.


  • Contract negotiations

  • Transaction (Legal) documentation

  • Endorsements and sponsorships

  • Performing artists/Production contracts

  • Protection of intellectual property

  • Employment and Labour matters

  • Legal and Regulatory advisory

  • Personal and Company income tax compliance

  • Real estate investments advisory

  • Financing contracts