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Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Law

Our clients benefit from Ajumogobia & Okeke's expertise and its extensive experience in a wide range of transactions and corporate finance instructions, including acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring of private companies and businesses, shareholder and joint venture arrangements, banking and financial services, including equity offerings. The firm has advised and provided invaluable support to in-house counsel in respect of numerous significant mandates. Ajumogobia & Okeke has participated as legal and consortium adviser in the privatization and core investment in major public utilities in Nigeria. We routinely advise clients on compliance and the regulatory landscape acting in the Nigerian capital market as licensed solicitors bringing innovative solutions to often unique client requirements.

A&O is frequently selected as "the commercial transaction law firm” owing to the substantial line of major business transactions the firm has advised on and its total approach to problem solving, negotiation and documentation.

The firm has acted as lead solicitor in the first Sub-national Floating Rate Redeemable Revenue Bond for the Nigerian Capital Market and continues to receive mandates in Bond Market transactions, the firm has also led a pioneering effort by two international banks in the design implementation and documentation for a continuing Global Depository Receipts (GDR) Programme in Nigeria within the context of existing legislation. ln conjunction with Twenty Marina Solicitors LLP (our company secretarial practice), we offer outsourced corporate filings and company secretarial services.

Our Commercial Law expertise is in many ways synonymous with the firm's reputation; therefore evaluating commercial obiectives is a firm-wide capacity embracing several of our practice areas.


  • Acquisitions & divestitures

  • Restructuring of private companies and businesses

  • Shareholderand joint venture arrangements

  • New Investments

  • Corporate advice & Capital markets

  • Public Utilities & PPP

  • Privatisation and Public Finance