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Overview of the Nigerian Capital Market

The Article is a general overview of the Nigerian Capital Market. It provides a brief background of how the market has evolved over the years. It looks at initiatives that have been introduced in order to stimulate the market, develop it and restore investor confidence in the market in general. There is a brief description of the various methods of listing securities on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The Article then describes the process of conversion or re-registration of companies from private to public in order to access funds from the capital market and goes on to provide a guide as to how to register a lien at the Central Securities Clearing House in circumstances when those securities eg. shares have been used as security to obtain a loan or as security for other purposes. It touches on Mergers and Acquisitions with the focus on the role of the regulator and concludes with an Addendum that provides a general recap of the year in the Nigerian Capital Market showing how equities have rebounded as a result of a more positive outlook in general as the economy moves out of recession and oil prices continue to rise.